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Survey shows 85% of Malaysians wants Muhyiddin to resign as Prime Minister

Social NewsSurvey shows 85% of Malaysians wants Muhyiddin to resign as Prime Minister

Malaysian Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin came into power following a furious political drama that happened in Malaysia in March 2021. Nonetheless, his appointment as the Prime Minister of Malaysia had been ill-received by Malaysians for he had formed a back-door government after a number of Member of Parliament (MP) retracted their support for the Pakatan Harapan government.

Nonetheless, Muhyiddin, who is leading the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government has been under constant criticism for their controversial measures to combat Covid-19, in addition to the famous Sheraton Move and Sabah elections in September 2020.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the election had then sparked multiple clusters, which the spread the virus across the entire nation.

Source: TheStar

In addition, the inconsistent policies and double standard punishments had caused the public to lose confidence in the PN government. All these incidents had pushed Malaysians to their limits and they create the #KerajaanGagal hashtag to express their opinion about the current government.

Having that said, the Institut Darul Ehsan had conducted an online survey from 11 to 18 July this year. The survey had received up to 7,986 responses from Malaysians nationwide, covering the Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak.

Meanwhile, the respondents’ profiles include gender, age, race and support for the party was collected for further analysis.

Source: Institut Darul Ehsan

The results of the survey shows that only 12% of Malaysians showed their support for Muhyiddin and his government.

The survey results then showed that up to 85% of the respondents wanted Muhyiddin to resign as the Prime Minister, and only 3% of the respondents were uncertain whether Muhyiddin should continue as the Prime Minister.

The Institut Darul Ehsan then analysed the profiles collected with age and race, which they found that the respondents they had covered from aged 18 to 66 and above. Nonetheless, all the age groups showed an average 84% of them supported for Muhyiddin’s resignation and the minority being wanted him to stay in power or is uncertain about it.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin had been most unpopular among the Indians where 87.8% of them wanted Muhyiddin to resign. At the same time, majority from the other races including the Malays, Chinese, Sabah, Sarawak Bumiputera and others disapproves Muhyiddin to continue to hold power.

This finding is consistent with the IDE study which is related to the People’s Mood Survey #moodofthenation last February 2021, where 46% of the respondents voted for Muhyiddin to resign due to his loss of majority support.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t sure whether will this be the same after the Parliament reconvening on 26 July. From the debates happening, it does seems that the government’s policies and measures had not improved and they do not have an effective method to curb the Covid-19 spread and revitalize the economy.

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