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Selangor King to strip Awards and Honours of Public Officers in Selangor if found Guilty for Corruption

This morning (28 July), Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has issued a statement to warn those who are working in the state administration who are involved in dishonest and corrupt conduct.

The statement was signed by his private secretary Datuk Mohamad Munir Bani and then being circulated on social media through the Selangor Royal Office’s Facebook page.

In the statement, the Selangor King said that he was being informed that some public officers in Selangor state government had been involved in corruption and he is utterly disappointed in them.

He said that this could have damaged the administration’s image and the reputation of the state government’s servants.

Source: Facebook

Following that, Sultan Sharafuddin has issued a stern warning to those who are involved so as to deter them from continuing those activities. He added that those who are caught doing so will face the consequences and be brought to the courts accordingly.

“His Highness stressed that disciplinary action and appropriate punishment must be initiated against any official in the Selangor state government found guilty of graft and breach of trust.’’ Mohamad Munir said.

In addition, Sultan Sharafuddin also warned that these officials or politicians will be stripped of theirawards, medals and honours if they are found guilty of corrupt practices.

Meanwhile, Sultan Sharafuddin took the opportunity to thank the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for carrying out its responsibilities diligently and combating corruption in Selangor.

“Sultan Sharafuddin also called on the MACC to continue carrying out their investigations transparently and thoroughly to collect solid evidence to bring those who committed the crime to justice.”

“The Sultan also reminded all that graft and abuse of power are akin to a cancer that could destroy society, as well as destroy the nation.” he said.

Read the statement from Sultan Sharafuddin here:

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