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Netizens Recreates Malaysian Contingent’s Attire For Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony

The outfit that was worn by eight athletes and five officials from Malaysia during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics last weekend was eye-catching.

In fact, it has inspired a local Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) fan to recreate the attire in the popular Nintendo Switch game. Prefer to be known by her nickname, Kurosaki Kei originally shared them in the Animal Crossing Malaysia’s Facebook group before other players began to share her creation through social media.

Kurosaki said that it took her about one hour to create each outfit. When we asked what was the toughest challenge that she encountered during the creation process, Kurosaki immediately pointed out the limited number of pixels that one can utilise in ACNH’s custom design tool.

Kurosaki has even shared with us a screenshot of the design draft for Jalur Gemilang:

The limitation is the reason why the star inside the flag only has eight points instead of 14. She also encountered the same limitation when she tried to recreate the patterns on the kain samping that was part of the male outfit. Despite the limitation, we reckon that Kurosaki has done a great job in creating a virtual version of the outfit. 

Inspired by the attire worn by Hang Tuah and the colours of Jalur Gemilang, the original version of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony outfit was designed by two lecturers from UiTM Shah Alam’s Faculty of Art and Design, Khairul Azlan Abdul Karim and Mohammad Wazir Jahilan together with a student from the same faculty, Muhammad Fawwaz Mohd Fuat.

The outfit has sparked plenty of reactions from both sides of the field. For Kurosaki though, she definitely liked it even though she admits that the outfit might not be for everyone.

Furthermore, Kurosaki also said that if the contingent had worn something normal during the ceremony, she may not be inspired to recreate it in ACNH. Ultimately, she said that this happened because the outfit looks special and recognisable in the first place.


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