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Magnetic helmet showed a shrink Glioblastoma brain cancer

Glioblastoma is the most aggressive brain cancer in adults and it results in an individual’s life expectancy being short, i.e. between a few months to two years. Treatment for this cancer is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Yet researchers from the department of neurosurgery, the Houston Methodist Institute of Neurology, managed to shrink the cancer by more than one -third, simply by wearing a helmet.

The helmet produces a magnetic field and patients can wear it on the head while conducting therapy at home on their own. It has three rotating magnets connected to an electronic controller and it is operated by a rechargeable battery.

A 53 -year -old patient has been undergoing this magnetic helmet treatment for a month, yet he has died of injuries not related to cancer. In that short time, 31% of the tumor mass disappeared. An autopsy on his brain confirmed that the cancer was experiencing a rapid response to the treatment.

This helmet initially be worn for two hours a day and then upgraded to a maximum of six hours a day.

With this innovation, maybe one day cancer patients can get treatment without radiation and without having to go through chemotherapy.

But, of course the cost to use it is expensive when compared to existing treatments. Details of the procedure on this device have been published in the journal Frontiers in Oncology.


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