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KPWKM organises Career Fair for Women but not a single Women on the Panellists

Social NewsKPWKM organises Career Fair for Women but not a single Women on...

Ironically, not a single woman was being included into the panel for a career carnival for women.

Recently, the Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) had posted a webinar invitation on their Instagram page to promote their Karnival Kerjaya Untuk Wanita (Career Carnival For Women), which is set to happen on 30 July.

The post had received furious backlashes from netizens after Malaysians pointed out that all 3 panellist for the career carnival for women are men!

Source: Instagram

The panellist consisted of:

  • Nik Akmal Arif (Head of Career Cube)
  • Rudy Ludinata (Certified image consultant)
  • Coach Bert Fadly Halim (Smartphone Visual Content Consultant)

Meanwhile, Batu Kawan Member of Parliament (MP), Kasthuri Patto took it to her Twitter to question the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Rina Harun for their decision to do so.

“Karnival Kerjaya untuk Wanita but not a single female as a panellist? There are many experienced, talented women in the market. This is a letdown by your Ministry. Buck up!”

While the MP does not intend to criticize the current panellists for not being qualify for the job, she was against the ministry for not being able to find even one prominent woman for their webinar.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their disappointment towards the KPWKM minister for her failures to look for qualified women consultants for their initiative.

On the other hand, netizens said that only women will understands the problems that women are facing and it does seems that it is best to leave these matters back for women speakers to explain them.

There are also concerns whereby women who attended the webinar would have not raised their questions to the men speakers as they do not know how to raise the matter to a man.

Source: Twitter

After the poster was being brought down, it wasn’t sure whether the webinar will still continue too.

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