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Azmin Ali being criticized for presenting placards with small writing in the Parliament Meeting

Social NewsAzmin Ali being criticized for presenting placards with small writing in the...

The day 1 (26 July) of Malaysia’s first Parliament sitting in 2021 had ended in chaos after a heated debate between the member of Parliaments from both the coalitions. Nonetheless, there are some interesting things that had happened along the way.

The former Education Minister, Dr Maszlee Malik had took it to his social media to make fun of the Parliament special meeting in a humorous post and he successfully caught the attention of netizens.

His post has garnered over 19,800 retweets and 29,500 likes at the time of writing.

In the tweet, he shared a picture of his desk in the Dewan Rakyat, with his pair of binoculars on it. He then captioned “Never (have) I imagined that one day binoculars would be essential stuff in Parliament.”

“Who knows, more ministers would be bringing placards with small writing on them.” he added.

Nonetheless, it is believed that Maszlee is referring to the International Trade and Industry Minister, Datuk Seri Azmin Ali for he had presented information on a small placard in the Parliament on Monday (July 26).

After the post went viral, netizens in the comment section asked why did Azmin not show the charts using Powerpoint slides and share it with the other MP through the screens. “The MPs not provided with computers?” he added.

“Dr (Mazlee), does the Parliament hall not have any projectors? I thought we are going towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, Azmin Ali replied in another Tweet, shared an image of the placard he had presented during the parliament sitting.

“This is the placard that I presented in the Dewan Rakyat earlier (July 26) which explains the pandemic we are facing.” he said.

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