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Stop comparing vaccines! A Doctor proves that all Covid-19 vaccines gives the same Protection

LifestyleStop comparing vaccines! A Doctor proves that all Covid-19 vaccines gives the...

You may have heard several stories that compare the efficacy rates of the types of vaccines out there. This may had influenced you on which types of vaccine you wanted during the vaccination too.

Nonetheless, a doctor from the Philippines specializing in Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease and is currently the Chair of the HIV/AIDS Core Team of the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, Dr Anne Grabriel-Chan had took it to Facebook to share that all vaccines offer the same protection and there is no point in choosing them.

Dr Anne even went a step further to prove that all vaccines are effective when it comes to combating Covid-19. She shared pictures of chest X-rays of 4 Covid-19 patients and pointed out the differences.

Source: Reuters

She explained that 3 of the patients had suffered mild symptoms or are asymptomatic as they have been fully vaccinated, while the one patient who was not vaccinated is not suffering from severe Covid and has been admitted into the intensive care unit (ICU).

She said that the first 2 picture shows the x-rays of 3 vaccinated patients, all with different vaccines, and said.

“Look at these x-rays! There are very very mild/minimal pneumonia to almost normal chest x-rays!!!”

She added on where the term “fully vaccinated patients”, she meant that patients who had receive 2 doses of the vaccine and it had been at least 2 weeks from the second dose of the vaccine.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, the following picture shows the x-ray of an unvaccinated patient and Dr Anne commented:

“This patient came in gasping for air. He had severe COVID, meaning he had very high oxygen requirement, needs to be admitted in an ICU set up and requires invasive procedure such as Hemoperfusion.”

She also pointed that the patient is suffering from pneumonia as a result of the infection of Covid-19.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, Dr Anne emphasizes on the importance of being vaccinated and that people should take whatever vaccine that is given to you as all of them are effective and can protect you against severe Covid-19 and hospitalisation.

“Yes you can still get COVID-19 even if you’re fully vaccinated but most are mild. You will be more protected and reduce the possibility of becoming severe/placed in an ICU. #vaccineswork.” she said

“No vaccine is superior to the other. Stop saying that those from the US are the best ones and China made are fake/low quality. Remember that these patients had different vaccine platforms and brands but all of them had mild to almost no symptoms at all.”

“All of them have served its purpose — prevent severe infection. So instead of team Pfizer vs. team Sinovac — let our mindset be: whether vaccinated or not! So whichever will be available on your vaccination day, please get protected before another surge comes up! Delta variant or not, this is still one of the most effective protection we can have!” she added.

If you are still considering whether you should get vaccinated, the short answer is yes! The best vaccine is the one that is available to you.

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