Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Syed Saddiq declares his assets, including his cat Meow Meow to MACC, saying that it was a Gift from a Friend

Social NewsSyed Saddiq declares his assets, including his cat Meow Meow to MACC,...

After being charged for 2 counts of criminal breach of trust and one for allegedly misappropriating RM120,000 of party election funds in 2018, Syed Saddiq is determined to clear his name by defending himself against the baseless accusations.

Following the procedures, Syed Saddiq had on yesterday took it to Facebook and said that he had just declared his cat, Meow Meow, to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as it was a gift from his friend.

In the Facebook post, Syed Saddiq mentioned that there are many cybertroopers out there giving false information to the public, with the intention to slander about him. These cybertroopers said that he lives in a big bungalow and has many other luxurious items.

Source: Instagram

In fact, he has only been renting his house with 3 rooms and 1 office for RM4,000 a month since December 2018.

He also said that he could have stayed in a bungalow with 8 rooms in Putrajaya for being a Minister. However, he refused it as it was “too fancy” and he prefers to rent his house.

“I have already declared to the MACC in 2019. I am an open book. I am the first Minister to declare assets.” he said.

“I am ready to declare my cat to MACC.”

“I don’t have a sports car, house or luxury watch.”

Source: Instagram

In addition, he said that he has been under investigation for one and a half years now and it was found that he has not been involved in any bribery even though he was allocated billions.

Syed Saddiq said that he has declared his cat to MACC as the cabinet has instructed Ministers to declare gifts that may cost more than RM500. He also said that his cat is obviously “priceless”.

“Just to be safe, I declared. It’s name is Meow Meow and he is now in the MACC.” he said.

Read out his statement here:


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