Monday, February 6, 2023

#HartalDoktorKontrak is happening and Supporters are Sweeping Hospitals and MAEPS Quarantine Centre

Social News#HartalDoktorKontrak is happening and Supporters are Sweeping Hospitals and MAEPS Quarantine Centre

It’s the Monday (26 July) where the contract doctors in Malaysia had agreed on to go on a strike to demand for job progression, security and permanent placements. The strike is called #HartalDoktorKontrak and it is already happening now across the nation.

Social media had been flooded with several photos and live videos showing doctors from government hospitals gathering for a walkout nationwide.

It was reported that dozens of contract doctors had walked out of Sg Buloh Hospital at 11 a.m. but they had not spoken to the press.

Meanwhile, the group also faced threats from the police officers who arrive at the scene with blaring sirens. It was reported that the police officers had ordered the group of doctors to disperse or face a fine.

According to the netizen who was sharing the updates, doctors at the Covid-19 low-risk treatment and quarantine centre at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) had unfortunately cancelled the strike after being threatened by the police officers.

However, they are still doing it indoors and can be seen holding up placards reading #HartalDoktorKontrak.

On the other hand, about 50 doctors are participating in the protest at Kuala Lumpur Hospital and there are more that are joining the protest.

Other places where the protest were reported to have taken place includes Kajang Hospital, Ampang Hospital, Melaka Hospital and Kuala Terengganu’s Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital and many more.

Yesterday, the Health Director-General Datuk Noor Hisham had urge the contract doctors and healthcare workers to not participate in the protest as it may have an impact their career and their patients’ lives.

In addition, he also asked the junior doctors to remember the oath they made when they began their profession, “primum non nocere” which translates to “First, do no harm”

A medical officer at the scene said that he believes that they are still performing their duty and are enforcing their rights without violating their oath, when being approached by a reporter at the scene.

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