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Disinfectant Spray Canister explodes after Driver lights up his Cigarette near It

NewsDisinfectant Spray Canister explodes after Driver lights up his Cigarette near It

On Saturday (24 July), a taxi driver sustained burn injuries and his Proton Exora was badly damaged after a leaking disinfectant spray canister was reportedly to have exploded inside the vehicle.

The unfortunate incident was reported to have happened at Jalan CTA 4 near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

According to NST, the 64 year-old taxi driver, Radzi Mokhtar was about to leave the airport after dropping off a passenger. He then decided to light a cigarette which led to the leaking canister of disinfectant spray to explode.

The explosion happened from inside the moving vehicle had caused Radzi to sustain minor burns on his arms and face.

Source: Utusan

Following an investigation by the Fire and Rescue Department, they found that the in-cabin explosion occurred because the vehicle filled with flammable gas was ignited when the taxi driver decided to light a cigarette.

Meanwhile, according to Kosmo, KLIA police chief ACP Imran Abd Rahman said that the police were alerted of the incident at about 3 p.m. and they quickly rush to the scene. After that, the driver was being sent to Putrajaya hospital to receive treatment.

After the incident made its way to the social media, netizens had been highlighting the safety concerns about keeping spray cans in cars.

Source: BBC

This is not the first time cases similar to this had happened.

Previously, a lorry carrying aerosol cans in London was reported by BBC to have caught fire and then exploded.

According to the witness who was driving just behind the lorry, she said the lorry suddenly burst into flames.

On the other hand, there are other incidents where aerosol or pressurised canisters have exploded under similar circumstances such as being left inside the car under an intensely hot weather.

Having said that, all aerosol or pressurised canisters can be considered as a ticking bomb if being left lying around in your car.

There is a risk of them exploding when the temperature rises and pressure starts to build up inside the canister.

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