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#RasuahBusters are urging the M’sian Government to Focus on these 3 main Issues

Social News#RasuahBusters are urging the M'sian Government to Focus on these 3 main...

Earlier this year, it was reported that Malaysia had dropped 6 ranks in the annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI) by Transparency International.

Having said that, corruption is nothing new in Malaysia and we get to see them on the headlines of the press from time to time, saying who’s being charged for criminal breach of trust and more.

Nonetheless, the #RasuahBusters team had took it to their Facebook page to urge the Malaysian Government to focus on the 3 core issues that Malaysians are currently facing and they are Covid-19, Corruption and Economy.

The Rasuah Busters said that after a few months in the state of emergency, the Parliament is finally being set to reconvene on 26 July. This is the opportunity for the people to voice out their issues and to be tabled to the Parliament so it can be discussed more openly and efficiently.

At the same time, the Rasuah Busters highlight their 3 main points that the Malaysian Government should be mindful of during the Parliament debate, and they are:

Source: NST


The stability of life and ecosystems through the management of Covid-19, Corruption and the Economy should top the list of priorities in whatever the topic of debate. Whether it is the government or the opposition, it is a must to set aside any form of conflict over power, politics, elections or any other issue that could jeopardize the focus on the interests of Malaysians.

The Covid-19 pandemic management protocol requires the involvement of all parties so that this critical issue is monitored and expanded more effectively to gain the support of various levels of society.

The economic landscape has changed as a result of Covid-19 and the new norm has also not been able to promise any certainty or hope for the economy to be redeveloped in the near future.

Hence, financial assistance should be provided to Malaysians followed by detailed and sustainable plans and guidelines for the people to move together towards a reasonable economic recovery.

Source: Zaim Mohzani


In addition to those two key issues, leaders need to be aware that corruption, or forms of abuse of power are viruses and moral diseases that can undermine whatever recovery system is being built.

Corruption is the main cause that hinders all economic and social structures to grow at all levels. Action must be taken to to ensure that Malaysia undergoes a serious transformation as neglecting the culture of corruption will destroy and waste all forms of efforts of all parties.

Accountability procedures, honest and transparent reporting needs to be reviewed in the efforts to instill Malaysians with integrity, especially when the process of national recovery is underway. If the issue of corruption fails to become a priority, we must be prepared to see the lives and lives of the people increasingly threatened and the future of the country sinking.


#RasuahBusters believes that a focused effort at this time will make a meaningful impact. So, as a leader and the people’s representatives, the Member of Parliaments (MP) must be aware that the most important thing at this time is to reduce the threats to the lives of the people, from the point of view of health and at the same time have to face mental and economic stress.

In order to be successful, a solid, firm and clear commitment is required. #RasuahBusters has high hopes that the country’s leadership will make the reconvening of Parliament a platform for a mature discussion and it will be based on the 3 core issues, including putting the people’s interests first and overcoming personal interests for a transformation of #NilaiMoralKarakterBangsa (#RaceWithMoralValues) towards Malaysia’s stability.

With the advancement of technology, it is very easy for people to receive information and observe who’s right.

Once again, Rasuah Busters hope that all MPs will fulfill their responsibilities and trust promised in this coming Parliament hearing.

What do you think about the message from #RasuahBusters to the Government? Share your thoughts!

Check out the statement from #RasuahBusters here:


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