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Local artists’ IG Live interrupted after being intruded by a Flasher

Social NewsLocal artists' IG Live interrupted after being intruded by a Flasher

A local actress, Elvina Mohamad along with her 2 friends had been a victim of a flasher after he allegedly intruded their Instagram live session on Friday (23 July). The flasher had in their session showed his genitals and everybody in the session was startled after watching this.

They quickly drop off from the session and Elvina took it to her Instagram to condemn the exhibitionist. Elvina said that she is still being traumatized by his act and she did not expect an uninvited guest to appear in the live session.

In her Instagram post, she explained that one of their friends had requested to join their live session, so her friend, Zawa accepted his join request.

“Unexpectedly, the one who came in was someone else. The irresponsible individual then interrupted our live session by casually showing his genitals!” she said.

Source: Iluminasi

Following the incident, she then advises other Instagram users to beware and not to accept invitation from random people when conducting a live session.

“Oh God, I’m still traumatized by what happened earlier.”

“As for those who are conducting live lately, please be extra careful because I got this information that this is not the first time the exhibitionist had done this.” Elvina said.

Nonetheless, she also condemn these exhibitionist for their actions and people should respect each other to make social media a better place for everybody.

“To these irresponsible individuals, social media is not a place to let go of lust. Please stop doing that indecent thing again!” she said.

Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, Elvina’s friends said that she feel her after having seen the horrible situation. Another local artist, Romana Zamzam also commented on her Instagram post and sympathized her for the unfortunate incident.

“Oh my god, babe you must be depressed tonight.” she wrote.

On the other hand, netizens advised Elvina to immediately lodge a report against the irresponsible individual who flashes his genitals during their live session.

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Check out the post from Elvina here:

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