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Tengku Zafrul denies ordering Nasi Ganja to be delivered with Helicopter

Social NewsTengku Zafrul denies ordering Nasi Ganja to be delivered with Helicopter

Nasi Ganja Ipoh took over the social media yesterday (23 July) after a customer from Kuala Lumpur was being reported to have order the dish from Ipoh, and then being delivered to him with a helicopter.

After creating such a scene, netizens were curious to find out who is behind the act and have such powers to complete the act.

Meanwhile, a message thread was being circulated on WhatsApp that highlights the current Finance Minister, Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz flexing the dish he had from Ipoh.

Source: Facebook

This was being denied by Tengku Zafrul and he took it to his Facebook to clarify what was being shared in the message thread is inaccurate and it’s purpose is to create a relationship between him and Nasi Ganja Ipoh.

He explained that a certain party had misused old photos taken around December last year to say that he had ordered vanggey rice using helicopter delivery.

“It’s funny when I receive a forwarded WhatsApp message that says I ordered Ipoh cannabis rice using a helicopter.

“They used the old picture of me eating vanggey rice in back in December 2020, but cropped the date.” he said here today.

He also said that it is better to use delivery services such as Nasi Kandaq Transporter and Nasi Kandaq Runner as it helps small businesses get through this difficult times.

“I actually haven’t eaten vanggey rice for a long time, what more with ordering using a helicopter, it’s even better to use the delivery service such as Nasi Kandaq Transporter, Nasi Kandaq Runner etc, it can also help small businesses.” he explained.

Are you willing to go through such great lengths, or rather heights to satisfy your cravings? Share your thoughts!

Read the post from Tengku Zafrul here:


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