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JKJAV clarifies that NO Physical Vaccine Badge will be distributed

Social NewsJKJAV clarifies that NO Physical Vaccine Badge will be distributed

Yesterday (23 July), the Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) took it to their official Twitter account to clarify about the vaccine certificate for the fully vaccinated.

In the tweet, JKJAV explained that only digital certificate will be given and it will be available on the MySejahtera app. In addition, the vaccine card that a recipient gets at the vaccination centre (PPV) will act as proof too.

JKJAV also said that the public will be able to print their digital certificate soon.

The matter is again being emphasized by COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) Minister-in-Charge Khairy Jamaluddin in a press conference yesterday (23 July).

“There are no physical cards issued, only the digital certificates issued by the government in MySejahtera. Also, the vaccination cards that are given at the PPVs are allowed to be used. Nothing else.” he said.

At the same time, Dr Adham Baba said that the cards were not recognised by the government and will not be accepted as a proof of having completed the vaccination. Nonetheless, the government will issue the MY COVID-19 Vaccination Badge in the form of a printed card soon as proof that an individual has been fully inoculated.

“Only the digital certificate in the MySejahtera application is recognised by the government. For now, we are waiting for Cabinet approval to issue the MY Covid-19 Vaccination Badge.” Dr Adham said.

Source: NST

The clarification comes after a clip from March of Dr Adham Baba saying that fully vaccinated people will be issued a vaccine badge went viral on social media yesterday.

The clip was originally from a joint press conference on 17 March but made viral by a netizen on 22 July after he noticed that the Ministry had used a random QR code on the vaccine badge sample.

On the other hand, the vaccine badge will hold the bearer’s personal details such as their name and MyKad on one side and other containing a QR code for authentication.

“It has a security code, so it can’t be duplicated and would be distributed by the millions for future use,” he said, adding that a vaccine certificate will also be released on the MySejahtera app.

Watch the full press conference here:


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