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Google Doodles celebrates Tokyo Olympics with a Full-Fledged Retro RPG game

Tech & GamesGoogle Doodles celebrates Tokyo Olympics with a Full-Fledged Retro RPG game

The Tokyo Olympic Games is being officially begin following the opening ceremony yesterday (23 July).

In conjunction with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Google has launched an interactive Doodle game in collaboration with a Japanese animation house Studio 4°C and it is being called Doodle Champion Island Games.

The new interactive game is a series of Olympic event-themed 16-bit mini-games that you can play on Google itself. In the game, you will be playing as Lucky the Calico Ninja Cat and there will be 7 little medallions for you to collect. It also represents the 7 different “sports events” you play to complete.

Meanwhile, you will be contributing the scores you earn from the games to a global leaderboard maintained by Google.

Once taken into the 16-bit game, you can use your keyboard’s arrow keys as well as your spacebar to explore the “world”. The game is not a standard linear game where you have to go through and complete tasks in order. Instead, you can roam around in the “world” and interact with the NPCs.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to choose to join either the Blue, Red, Yellow, or Green teams. The teams are represented by Ushi (a cow), Karasu (a crow), Inari (a fox), or Kappa (a Japanese turtle-like water spirit), respectively. 

After choosing your team, you can move on to the 7 mini-games featuring the Olympic events, including skateboarding, table tennis, and climbing. Each of the games have its own “Legendary Champion” to challenge from Japanese folklore and history.

Source: Google

Having that said, the games isn’t something you can easily breeze through. Some of the minigames can be pretty challenging but Google guarantees you that all the games will bring you an enjoyable time.

“First, we identified stories and folktales from all over the country with characters that are highly recognized. Next, we connected those folktales and characters with each of the sport events included in the game. In the design process, each event champion was selected from those unique stories.” wrote Japan-based animation studio, Studio 4°C.

Google Doodle is something that you may spend hours on and we can all agree that time flies while we are having fun with this new sports RPG 16-bit game.

You can even compete with your friends on the leaderboard! The game can be accessible on the google homepage at their logo.

Go ahead and give it a try! Share your thoughts on the game with us!

Watch the developers of the game have in their mind:

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