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Khairy says that Malaysians can now record their Vaccination Process to avoid ‘Empty Syringe’ incidents

Source: Astro Awani & MalaysiaKini

The ’empty syringe’ incidents took over the social media over the weekends after netizens one after another posted videos of their vaccination process on social media, showing how the nurses administering the vaccination failed to give the recipient the dose they are entitled to.

These incidents had caused fear to grow among the public and people are gradually losing trust in the system.

In response to the ’empty syringe’ incidents, Minister of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Khairy Jamaluddin had in a press conference today (23 July) said that the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) takes these issues seriously and will ensure the public gets a smooth vaccination process.

Source: FMT

He also mention that there have only been 13 police report cases of the ’empty syringe’ out of the 16 million doses given.

Nonetheless, Khairy gave assurance that investigations are being conducted and the victims will be given a proper reply. He added that the ’empty syringe’ incident has no relation with the vaccine selling syndicate.

Particularly to the incident in Sungai Petani, he said that the nurse on duty has admitted her negligence and the authorities have gave her warning regarding this.

Having that said, Khairy said that the Ministry had came up with 2 procedures for both vaccine recipient and administrator to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Firstly, is that the vaccine administrator must show the receiver the syringe filled with the necessary amount of vaccine. Next, is that vaccine recipients can now record themselves receiving their vaccination.

“Go ahead, film yourselves and take a video of your vaccination so that you have hard proof and that we also have hard proof that you have received a proper dosage for your vaccination.” he said.

Khairy added that he wants to put a stop to this issue as it will interfere with the ongoing work of the frontliners and regain the public’s trust towards the vaccination programme.

As a reminder, here’s the steps that you should be aware of during the vaccination process.

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