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Taxi driver in Sabah Airport runs amok and crashes into cars like he’s playing GTA in real life

Social NewsTaxi driver in Sabah Airport runs amok and crashes into cars like...

Those who had played the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) would have know that the game allows you to cause chaos by stealing vehicles and ramming them into other objects. Who would have thought that someone will actually do this in real life.

On Monday (19 July), an airport limo driver was being recorded while he run amok at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport waiting area by deliberately crashing into several vehicles, as reported by The Star.

The video went viral on social media, showing that the man in his 60s, driving an old Proton Saga crashing into other vehicles before he reverses and rammed into other parked vehicles repeatedly. People at the scene were stunned after watching this too.


Despite his car being severely damaged, he continues creating chaos at the airport. At one point in time, the driver in pink shirt can be seen getting out of his car and resting for a few second on the ground before he gets up again and continue the rampage.

It is believed that the man was enraged after a fellow airport limo driver had cut queue while waiting for customers at the airport.

Fortunately, nobody was injured during the incident.

Meanwhile, Kota Kinabalu Acting District Police Chief Superintendent George Abd Rakman confirmed the incident when contacted. He said further investigations are being carried out to identify the cause of the incident. After that, further action will be taken against the man.

investigations are being conducted to identify the cause of the incident, after which further action will be taken.

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