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“Nak Saya Cucuk Awak ke?” Women got sexually harassed at vaccination centre in Johor Bharu

Social News"Nak Saya Cucuk Awak ke?" Women got sexually harassed at vaccination centre...

This is not the first case where women are being harassed during their vaccination.

The Government had been pushing up the vaccination rates as hard as possible to ensure that we achieve herd immunity as soon as possible. However, there are several issues were being highlighted by Malaysians after them facing it first hand.

Among the issues were recipients given empty syringes and Malaysians being harassed by the personnel on duty at the vaccination centres.

Last Sunday (18 July), a netizen Jaw Keyun has took it to Facebook to share her experience of harassment she faced at a vaccination centre in Johor Bahru.

Source: Lowyat.net

In the Facebook post, Keyun said that she is going through the necessary procedures for the vaccination as she was late for her appointment. She rushed to the entrance and an officer approached her. The officer then requested her MySejahtera and IC for validation purposes before starting a chat with her under the guise of “flirting”.

The conversation goes like this,

Officer: How old are you?

Keyun: 32

Officer: Oh, I thought you were 18.

Officer: Have you been cucuk-ed (poked) before? *gestures with his finger and points it to his nose.

Keyun: No *shakes her head assuming that the officer meant a Covid-19 swab test.

Officer: Do you want me to cucuk you?

Keyun added that the officer then made a lewd gesture where he inserted his index finger into his fist.

Source: MalaysiaKini

The incident did not end there. As she walk past the officer, she could hear a few officers came together and commented that her hair looks pretty. Meanwhile, Keyun said that she is wearing a top with slits at her shoulders so she didn’t give to much thought to her appearance before.

“He may have been joking but after the ‘cucuk’ comment, I was uncomfortable.” she said.

Nonetheless, she had gone through the vaccination process smoothly, where the doctors and nurses on duty walk her though the process professionally.

Despite that, she just could not forget the incident and she decided to tell her husband after she hesitated for some time. She then said that her husband was furious about this and wanted to head back to the vaccination centre to confront the officer.

However, it was no good as she is afraid that she cannot recognise the officer who harassed her given that they all dressed the same.

After that, it was reported by Utusan that Keyun lodged a police report at the nearby police station and the Johor Bahru Selatan District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd. Padzli Mohd confirmed the report.

He said that the police will conduct an investigation under Section 509 of the Penal Code for word or gesture intended to insult the modesty of a person.

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