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Woman who exposes Kedah MB’s drive test suffered Heavy Losses after being Cyberbullied

Social NewsWoman who exposes Kedah MB's drive test suffered Heavy Losses after being...

The netizen, Nini Siron who whistle blew on the Kedah Menteri Besar (MB), Muhammad Sanusi and his two aides for allegedly test driving a pick-up truck at Juru, Penang, thought it she was only doing her civic duty.

Nonetheless, she never expected her to be cyberbullied by the various parties out there, including supporters of the Menteri Besar, religious teachers, individuals with political ties and others.

Those attacks include circulation of personal details of her family, including the circulation of her husband’s, her son’s and her sister’s photos. In addition, she also receive hate messages and threats on her Facebook personal account and her husband’s business page too.

Nini, a housewife, says she manages her husband’s Facebook page where they sells Honda cars, small furniture items and perfumes. She said that she had suffered a loss of income running into thousands since she exposed the Kedah MB’s test drive, as reported by FMT.

Source: FMT

She said that she feels vindicated after the Kedah MB was being issued a fine of RM1,500 last week. However, she believes that she and her family had suffered more as a results of cyberbullying.

This comes after she was being cyberbullied into closing their business pages, which resulted in the loss of income for her and her family.

Nini said that their Facebook page where they sold cars was the only avenue that they can solicit for customers as showrooms were not allowed to open during the Movement Control Order (MCO). On the other hand, she also sells other products as a side gig to make some extra money.

She said that they managed to sell at least 10 cars a month during the MCO last year.

However, with their Facebook account and page deactivated, their source of income was being cut off, forcing her family to dip into their savings to sustain their expenses.

Source: MYKMU

Nini added that she had plans to reopen their page but she was afraid that she will suffer another torrent of hate messages and their efforts to keep the potential customers away.

“We have been selling cars, providing road tax, insurance renewals. The Facebook page is how we reach out to our customers and was a lifesaver during MCO.”

“Even after the Menteri Besar was given a fine for the incident, you see many of his supporters now hitting hard at the police for issuing a compound. The current rhetoric is that the MB was not driving but was merely driven around, hence the cops have erred.” she said.

This was then denied by the Kedah MB as he say he only took part in a short drive with a salesman.

Source: The Vibes

“Imagine what would happen if I reopen my page and I am bullied and my customers’ photos spread far and wide like before? Until today, there has been no news over my cyberbullying complaint.” she said.

Facing the cyberbullying, Nini said she had lodged another police report at the Bukit Mertajam police station for the cyberbullies for exposing her personal information on social media. However, the police advised her to lodge a complaint with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) instead.

Nonetheless, she said that there had been no updates from MCMC or the police for her complaints.

“Some have flooded my inbox asking me to ‘jangan buka aib orang’ (don’t be a tattletale) by ratting out the menteri besar. I say to them, as a MB, you have to first ‘jaga your own aib’. My intention was to blow the whistle to help the ummah, to show that there is a jembalang (ghost) in their midst, as we are trying to fight a pandemic.”

“I have to wonder why my husband had to sell cars online when pick-up trucks can be freely test-driven when showrooms are closed?” she asked.

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