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Local Rapper Caprice apologises to Ebit Lew after accusing him for distasteful photo-op

Social NewsLocal Rapper Caprice apologises to Ebit Lew after accusing him for distasteful...

The saga between local rapper, Caprice and celebrity preacher and philanthropist, Ebit Lew could be ending here after Caprice issued a public apology to Ebit Lew and several other parties which he had got them involved in the past few days.

Ariz Ramli, or better known as Caprice took the apology to his Instagram and extended his apology to the Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ), Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, Foreign Minister, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussien, Member of Parliament for Baling, Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and not forgetting Ebit Lew.

In the Instagram post, he wrote “Greetings @hrhcrownprinceofjohor @hishammuddinhussein and Ebit Lew, I apologize for the mistake we made. We are too emotional when it comes to the struggle of the people of Palestine, as well as for the people of Malaysia.”

Source: Harian Metro

“What happened was Caprice’s own fault and I do not want to involve any other parties.”

“I want to thank @hishammuddinhussein, the Malaysian Embassy in Egypt and the Egyptian government for the facilities, support and the 24 hour protection and security during my stay in Egypt.” he said.

In addition, Caprice also thanked Azeez for inviting him to join the humanitarian mission in Palestine through the non-governmental organisation (NGO), Humanitarian Mission 4 Palestine (HM4P).

“I also want to thank @azeezrahim who acted like a father to me since we knew each other.”

“I am unable to repay this love and support you have shown throughout this mission.” he said in a lengthy post on Instagram.

Source: Malay Mail

After that, Caprice also took the opportunity to apologise to his parents who must be worried and worried for his safety while he was on the humanitarian mission in Palestine.

“Finally, I apologise to my mother and father for making you worried about my safety.”

“I love you and it has always been my intention to make you proud since I chose to go on my own at 16.” he said.

“I apologize to Malaysia and the people of Malaysia. Insya-Allah, I will return after I finish and fulfill some of the promises I have made to the Palestinian people.” he added.

Earlier on, Caprice had mentioned that the people of Gaza do not like it if their pictures are taken for the intention of getting donations. He then condemn Ebit Lew and his team for their distasteful photo-op and tarnished the Malaysia’s image in the Palestine community.

We hope that the matter will end here and let there be peace too.

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Check out the apology from Caprice here:

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