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Covid-19 Detected In Tokyo Olympics Athletes’ Village Less Than A Week Before The Games Start

Hosting the Tokyo Olympics is by far the most challenging event to organise due to the pandemic.

After being postponed before, the event is finally on the right track to start in less than a week with strict stand operating procedures to ensure the safety of those involved.

However, even with all the measures taken, the organisers are tested again with the discovery of the first Covid-19 case detected within the athletes’ village.

As reported by CNN, Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto confirmed that a non-resident who is part of the organizing team had tested positive and has been taken to be quarantined outside the village. The nationality of the person was not revealed to ensure his privacy is protected.

As of the date of the detection, there are a total of 45 Covid-19 cases among athletes, officials and contractors who are linked to the event. There are also athletes who have pulled out of the games including Australian tennis star, Nick Kyrgios and Australian basketball player, Liz Cambage.

Previously, thousands of Tokyo Olympic volunteers have also quit and the Japanese public majority is against the decision of going through with the games as the influx of foreign visitors might turn the whole event into a super-spreader cluster.


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