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Transgender Man decides to turn Straight to earn his Mom’s forgiveness after she fell really ill

Social NewsTransgender Man decides to turn Straight to earn his Mom's forgiveness after...

A netizen, Nik Mohd Amin netizen admits that he was influenced by his sisters in his childhood, who taught him to wear women’s accessories and clothes. He mentioned that those were among the factors that pushed him to wanted to be a transgender.

According to mStar, Amin said his mind is at peace after he decides to revert to his original gender as a straight man. This comes after he realised that converting himself into a transgender is consider sinful in Islam.

“I’m not shy to tell the story because I’ve actually changed now. It has been 2 years since I left that ‘world’.”

“Some criticized when I uploaded videos of my past to TikTok, while others encouraged me. However, I took only those encouraging comments in.” he said.

Nonetheless, Amin, who was from Kelantan admitted that he was not ashamed to change his appearance and behave like a woman despite being looked down upon when he was in high school.

“I don’t even care about family restrictions, I was really stubborn at the time and even changed my name to Alish apart from admitting to being a transgender.”

“I took hormone pills, my breasts grew bigger and my complexion was changing to look more like a woman. I also had intentions to go through the sex reassignment surgery but did not have enough money at that time.” he said.

After all he had gone through, he say he regretted his decision to be a transgender man after he finds out that his mother had fell really ill 2 years ago. Since then, he had been dressing up as a guy and left the world of transgenders. Nonetheless, he reveals that he is now selling cosmetics.


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“I’m afraid I won’t be forgiven if anything happens to my mother. Back then, the family said my mother was sick because of me. The mother does have high blood pressure and cannot take too much stress.”

“From that moment onwards, I slowly changed. It was difficult for me at the start but I am determined after thinking about my mother”

“In addition, I do not want to bring shame to my family. Hence, I strengthen my decision to make the change.” Amin said.

Having that said, Amin said that he feel blessed despite facing many criticism for his past. As much criticism he received, Amin said that he receives several support from netizens too.


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“I still contact my friends when I am a transgender. Nonetheless, I have male friends now too. Some of his friends do asked him whether he wanted a girlfriend after he reverted his gender.”

“Honestly, I do wanted a girlfriend. However, is there anyone who can accept me for my past?” he said.

He then advices everybody to accept their own nature as part of our lives. We can change everything, including our sex but we are cannot change the fact that we are who we are.

Whatever the decision you make, we hope that you will live your life to the fullest.

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