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Netizen allegedly given 2 jabs during vaccination after the nurse administering was not sure whether she did it correctly for the First Time

Social NewsNetizen allegedly given 2 jabs during vaccination after the nurse administering was...

Last Saturday (17 July), another case of “empty syringe” was reported to had happened in the Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Center (MITEC) vaccination centre (PPV), Kuala Lumpur.

The netizen, who was also the victim of the incident took it to Facebook to share his unfortunate experience and aims to create an awareness among the public so nobody will fall for the similar mistakes again.

In the Facebook post, the netizen said that he have never thought that the “empty syringe” incident will happen on him. He said that he had followed all the necessary procedures and waited for his turn to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Things was going smooth until he walk into the booth where the jab is being administered. There were 2 nurses waiting for him at the booth and he went into the booth along with another recipient.

Source: Facebook

As a precautionary step, he requested to record the vaccination process but was being rejected by the vaccine administer. Nonetheless, he respected their procedures and he did not insist to record the process.

Inspecting his surrounding, he said that there was a tray with one syringe and the vial. He also noticed that the plunder in the syringe has been pushed to the end, so he expects the vaccine administer to suck in the vaccine and give him the jab.

To his surprise, the vaccine administer started using the alcohol pad and rubbed on his arms and gave him the ’empty syringe’. After 2 seconds, she pulled the syringe out from his arm and said that it’s all done.

She then requested him to proceed to the next section. The netizen said that all she did was just jabbed in and pull out without and motion of pushing the vaccine out from the syringe into his body. He also pointed out that the syringe is obviously empty in the first place.

Source: Facebook

Disappointed with that, he confronted her and asked if she really did the vaccination properly, where she replied “Should be ada lah, kalau you nak I bagi satu lagi?”, which translates to “Should be yes, if you wanted, I can administer you another dose.”

After the conversation, she then proceed with a new syringe and start all over again. This time, she suck in the vaccine from the vial, jabbed him and pushed the plunger to inject the vaccine into his body.

After everything was done, she then requested him to proceed to the next counter. The disappointed netizen refusing to leave the booth, then asked her whether the first jab was being administered properly, where she hesitated and replied “Should have, but you said no so I gave you the second jab.”

Knowing that this conversation is going nowhere, he proceed to the next section and asked the workers there if they experienced people jabbed twice in one go. The worker was then shocked that this happened and he immediately reach out to his supervisor.

Source: Facebook

After he reached the next section, the supervisor then brought him to the booth to check out what exactly had happened. This time, the nurse admitted her mistake and they apologised. After clarification, the netizen then proceed to the resting area, where the supervisor had approached him for a talk at the corner.

The supervisor reassured him that he got vaccinated properly on the second time.

What’s the catch here is that if the netizen had not catch that, he would have been a victim of the ’empty syringe’ again.

After facing this incident, he sought to create an awareness among the public so as to prevent the cases of ’empty syringes’ again. He also mentioned that the recipient should not be afraid to voice out as to get vaccinated is their right.

As a reminder for all, follow the steps given by a certified doctor here!

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