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Indonesia Man orders Food online from Non-Halal Store, shocked to find his Food contains Pork

Source: Twitter

An Indonesian man recently took it to his Twitter to share how shock he was after he found out that the mixed rice he ordered online contained pork. Meanwhile, the man was a Muslim and he only noticed that the meal is non-Halal after he had eaten almost half of the dish.

He then recorded a video while he criticize the food delivery app and the restaurant for hiding the fact that the dish is non-Halal. Ironically, he ordered from a pork restaurant and the description of the dish clearly mention that it contains pork.

He then warned others that that the food delivery app may not show whether a dish is Halal. His warning have indeed reach many, however, he responses he get wasn’t as expected. They all criticized him for not reading the description before ordering the food.

In the video, he man showcased the ‘nasi campur’ or mixed rice that he had eaten half and said,

Astaghfirullahaladzim (I ask Allah for forgiveness). I just ate half of the portion of the food I ordered. Then when I browsed the restaurant on the internet, it turns out that this dish is non-Halal… I just had pork!”

He then explained that he ordered 2 portions of mixed rice from ‘Nasi Campur Kencana 99’ in West Java. However, he seems to be unaware that the ‘Nasi Campur’ is a famous dish served with pork in many parts of Indonesia, including West Java. The dish can be translated into mixed rice too.

He continue saying that he only thought of finding more about the restaurant’s menu while eating the dish. This is when he only realise that they are famous for their pork and the dish he ordered consists of Hainanese rice, lapciong (pork sausage) and bakso goreng (fried meatballs).

In the comment section, Indonesian netizens one after another criticised him for causing a commotion for the matter. Netizens said that the man is one good example of people being lazy to read the description first before purchasing something.

On the other hand, netizens took a screenshot of the restaurant profile within the food delivery app and showed the man how to read the description of the restaurant. Using the same restaurant as the example, it is clear that the restaurant discloses that is sells meals that contain pork.

Meanwhile, netizens said that if the man doesn’t know what samcan, lapciong, bakut and other dishes name is, he should have did his research before purchasing it, instead of doing his research after he ate the food.

From the story, the lesson for us to learn is that we should always do our research before doing something and not research on the matter afterwards. Instead of putting the blame on others, it is our responsibility to find out whether the item we are purchasing fits our needs.

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