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Another 2 iconic Kopitiam and Salad Bar in KL announces its Permanent Closure

Social NewsAnother 2 iconic Kopitiam and Salad Bar in KL announces its Permanent...

As a result of the prolonged Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) (previously known as the Movement Control Order), the iconic Sin Hoy How Hainanese kopitiam and salad bar ChimiChurri had recently announced their permanent closure at the end of this month.

In an interview with The Malaysian Insight, the current owner of Sin Hoy How kopitiam had expressed her painful decision to close the business after being operating for 84 years along the streets of Jalan Tun H S Lee.

The kopitiam is famous for their curry noodles and signature coffee. In addition, they also provide traditional breakfast of toast and homemade kaya for the working class to fill their stomach before they start their day.

Source: Food Advisor
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Sin Hoy How kopitiam also provide a variety of other food, including asam laksa and belacan fried rice and not forgetting their very own coffee powder, which they had been known for since 1937.

If you missed any of their dishes, quickly place your order now before they ceases their operation. You can support them by placing an order here

On the other hand, Chimi Churri, the salad bar who is popular for its wraps and salad bowls had took it to Instagram to announce to close their operations by the end of July.

Source: Instagram

Chimi Churri was first launched in 2014 and they had managed to open multiple outlets in Klang Valley.

“We really appreciate your support the last seven years.” they said in the Instagram post. Nonetheless, they took the opportunity to encourage those who missed their food to order their last meal prepared whole-heartedly by them.

To give your last support to them, you can place a meal order here.

Upon receiving their announcement, netizens had then expressed their sadness and some said that they had been growing up having meals at this kopitiam and restaurant.

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Hurry up and get your order before they stop their operations!

Watch the interview with the owner of Sin Hoy How kopitiam here:

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