Thursday, March 30, 2023

M’sian Man unexpectedly met his Ex-Wife at PPV in Selangor

Social NewsM'sian Man unexpectedly met his Ex-Wife at PPV in Selangor

Fate has its own plans for this couple who were divorced.

Recently, a netizen work works as a volunteer at a vaccination centre (PPV) in Selangor unexpectedly met her ex-wife while he is being stationed at the counter handling the registrations.

Nonetheless, his ex-wife, who goes by the name Alianurshafira took it to Instagram to share the incident, as well as their divorce 3 years ago. Nonetheless, she do praise him for being the best ex-husband for supporting her and her daughter.

In the video, the man can be seen excited while she approaches his registration counter. After a short conversation, the Alia asked “Do you need my Identification Card (IC) number?”

The man then replied “Nope, I remember it. I remember everything about you”

Despite being divorced for years, he still remembers all of his ex-wife’s personal information and he is able to fill up the registration form with ease at his counter.

In the comment section, netizens after watching the short clip were dishearten to think that they were separated. Meanwhile, there are some who are curious of the reason for their divorce. Sadly, netizens said that being divorced for 3 years does not necessarily mean that he or she have moved on.

Do you think there could be more happening to them? Share your thoughts!

Check out the tweet from a netizen here:

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