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Grab And Foodpanda Riders now enjoy social protection provided by SOCSO

NewsGrab And Foodpanda Riders now enjoy social protection provided by SOCSO

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started in Malaysia, food deliver riders had been providing support to community whether rain or shine. Nonetheless, as these riders are not an employee of the delivery service company, but rather agents. Hence, they are not given social protection by the Social Security Organisation’s (SOCSO).

In order to give recognition to the efforts of these riders, SOSCO had introduced the SPS Lindung scheme to allow Grab Malaysia and foodpanda to register their riders for the social protection.

In a statement released by SOCSO on Friday (16 July), this initiative is expected to provide protection to the 145,000 gig workers across the country.

Source: Malay Mail

In the statement, it is explained that Grab Malaysia and foodpanda have become the first among the 133 service providers in the country to register their riders under its Occupational Disaster Scheme.

The Chief Executive of SOCSO, Datuk Seri Mohammed Azman Mohammed then hopes that more service provider will join this initiative and support the government’s efforts to register, contribute, and protect their delivery partners.

“Taking into account the increasing demand for the gig economy sector, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting the delivery partners is a timely step to ensure their welfare as they are exposed to occupational risk while on road. This is vital so that workers in informal sectors, just like their counterparts in the formal sector, are not deprived of social safety protection.” he said.

Source: LoanStreet

In addition, he said that the payment of RM232.80 for the coverage period for a year under the Plan Two of the Self Employment Social Security Scheme (SKSPS) will be borne by the government so as to encourage service providers to get their riders registered.

The benefits under this scheme includes medical, temporary disablement, permanent disablement, dependants and funeral benefits, constant care allowance, education benefit, and facilities for physical or vocational rehabilitation.

Although this initiative seems to be all good, SOCSO said that the number of delivery partners who have register their riders and actively contributing as of 9 July remained low.

SOCSO then revealed that a total of 64,773 riders (39%) out of the total of 166,189 have joined the programme and is actively contributing to SOCSO under SKSPS.

“However, when compared to the 2.72 million gig workers recorded by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the number of gig workers contributing to SOCSO is still low at only 6.1%.” they added.

Read the full statement from SOCSO here.

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