Monday, February 6, 2023

Netizen found newly distributed Food Supplies being dumped in streets of Rawang

Social NewsNetizen found newly distributed Food Supplies being dumped in streets of Rawang

The indefinite extension of the Phase 1 (previously known as MCO) had caused many businesses to close their business temporarily or permanently. This had resulted in many to lose their job, income and the ability to support their life.

As the situation worsens, various organisations have set up food banks to provide food and essentials for those in need as a social safety net.

Nonetheless, a netizen took it to Facebook to share the heartbreaking scene he found when he walk past the streets of Rawang. What he found on the streets were new and unpackaged food supplies being dumped at the rubbish bins.

The food supplies left at the rubbish bins include bread, rice, flour, sugar, biscuits and many other.

Source: Facebook

This is just a waste of food and resources. Netizens in the comment section condemn those who dumped them and at the same time suggested to only take what you need. You can donate what you do not need and there’s no need to throw these food supplies away.

Nonetheless, there are netizens who asked whether the supplies are past their expiry date.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

It’s really disheartening to see the kind intentions of those who donated these food supplies to be thrown away as trash.

Having said that, it is against our moral values to waste food too. If you really do not need them, you can donate them to people who need these supplies more instead of throwing them on the side of the road. This do not only waste the effort of those who prepare them, but the supplies as well.

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