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PAS Women Leader says “Govt has not failed, the ‘Rakyat’ have failed to help Govt

NewsPAS Women Leader says "Govt has not failed, the 'Rakyat' have failed...

PAS Muslimat information chief, Dr Najihatussalehah Ahmad had in a press conference stressed that Malaysians should stop pointing fingers at Government for failing to handle the Covid-19 situation in the country when they are the ones who have failed to help the government to curb the Covid-19 spread.

According to The Star, Dr Najihatussalehah also denied claims that the Malaysia is a failed state as all government services are still functional even during the lockdown and parts of the Klang Valley under an enhanced movement control order (EMCO).

“All civil servants, even if they have to work from home, can still perform their duties. Our education and economic system, even in limited circumstances, still work.”

“Although there are parties who try to spread the seriousness of the Covid-19 situation in the Klang Valley, the healthcare management and medical system can still run.”

“It is enough to point a fingers at the government as if it has failed but at the same time, they are the ones who have failed to help the government.” she said.

Source: Harakah Daily

She then clarified that the government is working closely with the Ministry of Health, as well as other ministries to ensure that the Covid-19 spread is curbed.

Malaysia has recorded the 3rd highest daily number of cases among Asean countries. However, she said that the government is working hard to get Malaysians vaccinated and our progress is far off compared to Indonesia and the Philippines.

Looking into the statistics, she said that Malaysia has 10.7% of its population being fully vaccinated compared to 5.5% in Indonesia and 3.1% in the Philippines.

“For Malaysia, the number of Malaysians who have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is 23.9%.” she added.

Source: FMT

Meanwhile she also praised all civil servants who performed their duties to the best during this challenging time to help the government maintain their services and provide support for them to curb the Covid-19 spread.

“We Malaysians should not look for faults or weaknesses in the government but ask ourselves what our contributions are in ensuring that this country succeeds in facing the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“The Covid-19 threat is not only happening in our country but globally. All countries are facing the pandemic, it is only right that we as responsible Malaysians, who love prosperity, should work with the government to curb Covid-19.” she said.

Responding to Dr Najihatussalehah’s statement, netizens do not seem to agree with her and criticize her for blaming the people for not doing what they are supposed to do. They continue saying that Malaysians are already suffering financially and mentally just to cope with the onslaught of the pandemic.

A Malaysian activist and lawyer Siti Kasim took it to her Instagram to comment “It’s better not to have a government if the people are the ones who have to help it.”

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