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M’sian questions Government for 5 days of ‘Ministers’ explanations’ on Parliament Agenda

NewsM'sian questions Government for 5 days of 'Ministers' explanations' on Parliament Agenda

The Parliament has been suspended for months since the beginning of the year, when the King announced that Malaysia will enter into a state of emergency to allow the Government to spend more effort in combating Covid-19 in the country rather than politicking.

Nonetheless, as the deadline of the state of emergency approaches, Malaysians and the Malays Rulers had been urging for the Parliament to reconvene so that the policies to combat Covid-19 can be discussed and a mutual agreement can be achieved.

After the King reiterates to reconvene the Parliament, Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin then announced that the Parliament will reconvene for 5 days from 26 to 29 July and another session on 2 August for the Dewan Rakyat and 3 days (3 to 5 August) for the Dewan Negara.

Source: TheRakyatPost

However, the former Youth and Sports Minister and also the current Muar Member of Parliament (MP), Syed Saddiq took it to his social media to comment on the itinerary of the upcoming parliament discussions.

Shockingly, the itinerary consists of nothing but 5 days of explanations from the Ministers and the Government had not given even 1 day for the opposition bloc to voice out their opinion.

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“This is embarassing! What’s the function of the Parliament if the MPs who are paid thousands of ringgit only have to attend to listen to the “Ministers’ Explanation” ?”

“Where’s our right to voice out and vote? It’s been months of lockdown but the cases are still high. I’m paid by the rakyat. I must bring their voice.” he said.

In the PM’s statement previously, the reconvene of the Parliament is to give an explanation to the members of the parliament on the National Recovery Plan and to amend all legislation and rules so that parliamentary sessions can be held in hybrid.

Commenting on the matter, netizens said the Perikatan Nasional (PN) Government is afraid of being questioned by the Parliament members. In addition, netizens said that if it’s only gathering for explanation, it’s better for them to do it online via Zoom meeting.

What do you think about this itinerary? Share your thoughts!

Check the comment from Syed Saddiq here:

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