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Polo Ralph Lauren Face Mask became the topic of Malaysians after Annuar Musa was seen wearing it

Source: The Star

The Federal Territories Minister, Tan Sri Annuar Musa had once again begun the topic of Malaysians for he was caught wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren Face Mask while he was attending the opening ceremony for the Rumah Prihatin@Grand Seasons last Thursday (8 July).

The matter was pointed out by a Malaysian activist, Siti Kasim, whereby she took it to Facebook, while sharing a photo of Annuar Musa wearing the premier face mask.

In addition, she mentioned that the Polo Face Mask costs one RM120 and with this amount, she can feed herself for a week. She then stressed that she did not order her food from Grab as it is rather expensive. She added that she bought them from the hawkers at the side of the streets and keep them in the fridge to be reheated afterwards.

Source: Facebook

In the comment section, netizens criticize him for living extravagance while the citizens of Malaysia are still struggling with Covid-19 and have to raise the white flag to request for aids.

Nonetheless, netizens also mock him by saying “Are you sure that logo is not a fly?”

Netizens also said that RM120 is not significant to him as he is earning RM60,000 a month.

A quick search on Lazada, the Polo Ralph Lauren Face Mask costs RM119 and it is a reusable and washable face mask. It is a 4-layer mask constructed with an inner lining of cotton, two layers of nonwoven filtration and a soft, breathable outer layer. The ear straps are elastic and it comes with an adjustable nose bridge ensure a customizable fit that contours to the shape of the wearer’s face.

Source: Lazada

It does seems that it is priced at that level for a reason. However, it is definitely only for those who can afford it.

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