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Disciplinary action taken against M’sian Army who invades Privacy and Harasses Women who attend vaccination appointment

NewsDisciplinary action taken against M'sian Army who invades Privacy and Harasses Women...

The Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) had responded to the public’s cries for they were allegedly being harassed by a Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) officer on duty at the vaccination centre (PPV).

On Tuesday (13 July), a netizen, Idris uploaded a photo of the suspect and a conversation between the suspect and her 18 year-old sister to Twitter, while making the issue known to the public.

Idris added the incident happened at the World Trade Centre (WTC) PPV while her sister went there for her vaccination appointment. In the Twitter thread, Idris mentioned that they had not given him any of their number too.

Source: Twitter

It is believed that the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) officer had memorised her details when she show him her phone during the check-in process.

Idris added that the MAF officer had invaded his sister’s privacy and harassed her via WhatsApp and they are seeking for a disciplinary action to be taken against him.

His sister was shocked when she receive a message from a random stranger asking whether she is done with her vaccination. She then replied with curiosity “Who is this?” to the stranger and he replied “I am the one who checked your profile just now.”

Source: Twitter

In addition, Idris also said that his WhatsApp profile picture is black and the name is ‘…’. The number does not show up on true caller too and this is when Idris suspects that this is a burner number and he believes that it is not the first time the suspect had been doing this.

Nonetheless, netizens one after another in the Twitter thread commented that they have experienced similar incident and it is all from the same number. A netizen said “When I was there for my second dose the other day, he approached me as well. But I told him I’m married.”

Responding to the incident, the JKJAV took to Twitter to announce that disciplinary action has been taken against the MAF officer by his agency and that they have a policy of zero tolerance for this behaviour.

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Read the Twitter thread from Idris here:

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