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TRP is now being investigated by PDRM for allegedly slandering Health Minister’s ‘Spanish Fly’ mistake

Source: TRP

The ‘Spanish fly’ went on trending on Twitter on Monday (12 July) after a netizen allegedly caught the Health Minister, Adham Baba mistakenly speaks ‘Spanish fly’ in referencing to the ‘Spanish fly’ that took over a third of the world population a century ago.

In the speech, he can be heard mentioning the disease as ‘Spanish Fly’ multiple times before he clarify himself that he is actually referring to the ‘Wabak Spain’ which he then called the flu as ‘Spanish virus’.

Nonetheless, the Rakyat Post (TRP) had reported on this mistake that the Health Minister had committed, at the same time highlighting some of the points which he brought up too.

The article said that Adham Baba had incorrectly mention the total death toll for the Covid-19 pandemic was 2.8 million when the actual numbers are over 4 million deaths.

Source: Sinar Harian

TRP also mention that Adham Baba claim that the ‘Spanish fly’ took around 1 million deaths while the Spanish flu actually recorded 50 million deaths worldwide according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Apart from highlighting those, TRP also found out that the Spanish Fly is actually actually a sex stimulant that is derived from blister beetles and is notable for its vesicant properties.

“We’re pretty sure this aphrodisiac was most definitely not what Adham Baba had in mind when he mentioned Spanish Fly in the context of Covid-19. In any case, the crushed beetles never killed over 20 million people.” TRP said in the article.

Source: TRP

Yesterday, TRP received a notice from PDRM to assist on the investigation for allegedly slandering the Health Minister in their article titled “#SpanishFly Trends As Health Minister Adham Baba Makes Oopsie At Press Conference“.

Nonetheless, TRP got a tip off from a 44-year-old lawyer after he share the picture of the report, saying that he was being requested to do so by the Health Minister.

The PDRM, however refuse to produce a copy of the report, nor reveal where it was lodged. There were several Twitter accounts that were mentioned in the police report too.

On the other hand, Malaysians are showing their support to the publication on social media and they questioned the Health Minister’s decision to even lodge this police report.

Do you think that this was a necessary move by the Health Minister? Share your thoughts!

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