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Syed Saddiq and Hannah Yeoh’s Food Bank ordered to Shut Down due to the Overcrowding

Source: Facebook

The #BenderaPutih or #WhiteFlag movement took over the Internet after Malaysians cried out for help as they are already out of food and essentials to continue their lives.

Several parties and non-governmental organisations (NGO) have set up Food Banks to help as much Malaysians as they can. Nonetheless, the Muar Member of Parliament (MP), Syed Saddiq and Segambut MP, Hannah Yeoh participated in this movement to help the people under his constituency through the painful Movement Control Order (MCO).

However, both the MPs had released statements on the social media to inform the public that the Food Bank under their management were ordered to close despite everybody obeying the SOPs.

Source: Facebook

The Muar MP, Syed Saddiq said that they have implement a coupon system and engage the RELA members to control the crowd. Nonetheless, the MP said that the crowd is overwhelming and this shows that how many were being impacted badly by the MCO.

“If you want to compound those who come to my office, please don’t. Compound me instead. Do not add the Muar people’s burdens. They just want help for their families.” he shouted out to the authorities.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, the Segambut MP, Hannah Yeoh is in the similar situation where a overwhelming crowd started queuing up an hour before her Food Bank operates. She said that people are coming from as far as Selayang, Jinjang, Rawang, Batu Caves and Petaling Jaya just to receive some aid.

“On the first day, I stood at the gate and felt like crying because I saw the hardships that people are facing now. I apologise for not being able to continue this Food Bank but we will continue to find ways to help those affected by this MCO.” she added.

In her Facebook post, she urge the National Security Council (NSC) to find a way for the economy to reopen as many are facing problems with the basic necessities, including rent, utility bills and family food while waiting for the number of daily case drop.

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Check out the statement from Syed Saddiq and Hannah Yeoh here:

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