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Israeli Content Creator calls out to Malaysian Troll Army for Cyber War

Social NewsIsraeli Content Creator calls out to Malaysian Troll Army for Cyber War

Malaysia and Israel had never see eye given their different stance towards the issue of Palestine. The Malaysia government, including the citizens have taken to social media to express their support for the Palestinian people while condemning the Israeli government’s actions.

Apart of highlight the issue, Malaysians had took it to the next level by orchestrating massive attacks on the mainstream social media and messaging platforms of the Israelis and pro-Israelis media.

Malaysians called this action “Koyak” which translates into “Rip” and the movement involves spamming or trolling pro-Israeli content, as well as getting pro-Israeli social media accounts blocked or suspended during the 2021 Israeli–Palestinian conflict which took place in May.

Source: Twitter

While being targeted, a Israeli content creator, Emily Schrader made a video which she shared on her YouTube and Twitter, to call out to the social media administrators to remove Malaysian hacktivists’ accounts for failing to comply with the social media community standards through their targeted harassment.

In the video, she said “Israelis were harassed and threatened in an antisemitic campaign by Malaysian activists during Israel’s last operation, and research shows there’s a connection to Gaza. Social media networks are failing when it comes to combating targeted harassment.”

“It’s a digital war.” she added.

Source: Twitter

She also highlighted some of their tactics to cause damage to Israeli’s community:

  • Malaysians spamming, harassing and making threats on the social media accounts of Israeli people, or removing and blocking the accounts of Israelis.
  • Malaysians hacking into the WhatsApp accounts, including those belonging to high-ranking government officials and one belonging to the IDF Arabic spokesperson, which then forced him to change his phone number mid operation.
  • Malaysians spamming and harassing Gal Gadot’s social media account, leading her to turn off her comment section.

“This isn’t just hacktivism, it’s a digital war.” she said.

She then shared how Malaysians allegedly login her account with fake password multiple times, causing her account to be blocked by the social media platform.

“Using Telegram, Malaysian activists created channels such as the Team Suspend Twitter, in which they repeatedly logged into accounts with fake passwords in order to block these accounts. Including, by the way, my account.” she said.

Source: Twitter

On the other hand, she shared how Malaysians groups such as the Dragon Force Malaysia disseminated the WhatsApp information of the Israeli people and included specific instructions on how often to tweet, how often to comment, which VPN to use, which countries to say you’re from, as well as how many times to try and hack into an account in order to get it removed as an effort to harass the Israelis.

She then called out to the social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram for failing to address this issue for their clear violation of the community standards.

Nonetheless, she said that if her video receives a million views, she will post another video of herself waving the Palestinian flag. This time, her video did indeed exceed a million views, and she fulfilled her promise. Unexpectedly, she waved the Palestinian flag from 1939, which features Israeli colours and the Star of David.

Source: Twitter

After that, she pulled out the Malaysian flag and shared “Now, this is not for all of you Koyak Malaysians, but it’s for the Malaysians that are oppressed by you people, the people in Malaysia who are oppressed for their religious or political beliefs.”

She added “#KoyakToYouToo Malaysians!” in her caption too.

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Check out Emily Schrader’s video here:

I promised if my video exposing the Malaysian Troll Army got to 1 million views I would upload a video waving a Palestinian flag. Here I am fulfilling my promise. 💜

Watch til the end for a special surprise!

#KoyakToYouToo Malaysians!

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