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Doctors participating the #BlackMonday campaign are now being investigated by PDRM!

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The Malaysian Medical Association’s (MMA) had on yesterday (13 July) released a statement to condemn the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) for harassing the doctors who participated in the #BlackMonday movement on Monday (12 July).

In the statement, MMA president, Datuk Dr Subramaniam Muniandy said that doctors who supported the ‘Code Black’ and ‘Black Monday’ movement organised by the association are currently being investigated by the PDRM.

He mentioned that these actions are a form of harassment and it is totally unnecessary even though the PDRM were give the authority to do so. He added that the MMA strongly condemns “the nature of this exercise targeting doctors who have supported our campaign championing the rights of healthcare workers in the country”.

Source: Bernama

Nonetheless, he said that doctors who are involved in the campaigns are still carrying out their duties despite changing their profile pictures to monochrome and showing solidarity for their fellow health workers.

“Medical officers, like any other Malaysian, have the right to stand up, even at the very least by the show of colour.” he added.

Dr Subramaniam in the statement also said that the doctors who were being investigated are afraid and traumatised. Hence, the seek for help through the MMA representatives.

Once again, he stressed that the ‘Code Black’ and ‘Black Monday’ campaigns have nothing to do with other similarly colour-coded campaigns.

“We have also briefed the Ministry of Health regarding our campaign and its demands in our last meeting.” he said.

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At the same time, he added that the MMA is engaging an independent legal practitioner to seek for their advice on the matter, however, they will provide all the support and assistance to the authorities to resolve this issue.

“We are in the midst of reaching out to the chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Bar for help and we will inform members of the outcome accordingly.” he said.

In addition, he urge doctors who face similar situation to inform their state Section Concerning House Officers, Medical Officers, and Specialists (SCHOMOS) representatives or contact the MMA directly via email at schomos@mma.org.my, or by phone at 03-404 11375.

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