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Azmin Ali allegedly went on a ‘Family trip’ in Turkey

Social NewsAzmin Ali allegedly went on a 'Family trip' in Turkey

The Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Azmin Ali had once again came under the limelight of social media for netizens catching him allegedly going on a ‘family trip’ in Turkey.

Yesterday (13 July), a photo of Azmin Ali and a tour guide in Turkey went circulating on social media caught the attention of netizens for the tour guide had welcomed Azmin Ali and ‘his family’ for visiting Hagia Sophia, Turkey.

However, after a few hours from posting, the tour guide edited the caption and posted an apology, clarifying that Azmin was at Hagia Sophia with the ministry delegation on a Turkish government programme.

Source: Twitter

Nonetheless, the Instagram post had been deleted but netizens were quick to screenshot the Instagram post, then taking it to social media and made a comparison between the captions from the Turkish tour guide.

The photograph posted by the Turkish travel account @Turkishlocalguides earlier on Monday (12 July) captioned “It was a pleasure to guide for Mr Muhammed Azmin Ali (Senior Minister of Malaysia). He was willing and patient to listen to stories of Hagia Sophia.”

However, netizens shared screenshots of the original caption where it reads “It was a pleasure to guide for Mr Muhammed Azmin Ali (Senior Minister of Malaysia) and his family….”

This implies that Azmin was there with his family!

Source: The Edge

Frustrated Malaysians then critized Azmin for going on a holiday when the Covid-19 cases in Malaysia is breaking the records on a daily basis, especially in Selangor.

One netizen on Twitter said “The rakyat is under difficulty and disorder, this stupid … MITI minister is still in Turkey, and can even go on a trip to Hagia Sophia.” while he put up both the screenshots of the Instagram post with different captions.

Another netizen said “I just want to ask, how many of us here have been separated from family/loved ones and have not been able to see them for quite some time?”

Malaysians are frustrated deep inside for hefty fines being imposed on them, while the MPs and ministers had flaunt their powers to breach these restrictions and SOPs.

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