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Small Victories for Contract Doctors, while several issues remained unaddressed

NewsSmall Victories for Contract Doctors, while several issues remained unaddressed

Contract doctors at public hospitals in Malaysia had stood up to fight for their welfare and career prospects. Yesterday (12 July), the group of young doctors took it to Facebook to announce their first small victory after the government made some concessions.

According to their official Facebook page, Hartal Doktor Kontrak said that around 300 contract doctors from the May 2017 intake are finally being offered permanent positions in public hospitals.

Last week, it was reported that the Ministry of Health (MOH) had offered junior doctors from the December 2016 intake a one off contract extension, where the group had questioned the MOH the reason for not giving these doctors an opportunity for permanent positions.

Source: Astro Awani

Nonetheless, the group also pointed out the issues where the permanent doctors will be placed only at Sabah and Sarawak when Malaysia obviously needed more health officers in the Klang Valley right now.

In addition, the permanent positions offered were of grade UD43 instead of UD44, where there is a significant difference in the payroll and benefits.

What’s more concerning is that doctors who left the MOH were being offered the permanent position too. The group then question whether the MOH’s system are up to date, or whether there is a system to manage this in the first place.

Apart from that, the group wanted a clear guideline on the selection criteria to the permanent positions. This would be important for the young doctors to work towards as their goal.

The group demands an answer from the MOH and they once again emphasize that they are not anarchists of the system but they are simply demanding for what they believe is just and fair for all.

“There is no great result without great willpower.” they said.

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Read the statement from Hartal Doktor Kontrak here:


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