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Residents from Mentari Court celebrates with Fireworks after 12 days of EMCO in the area ended

NewsResidents from Mentari Court celebrates with Fireworks after 12 days of EMCO...

Mentari Court in Petaling Jaya had been put under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) for 12 days starting 1 July. When the clock reaches 12 a.m. sharp on 13 July, the EMCO was lifted and the residents lighted up fireworks to celebrate the job they have for obtaining freedom once again.

According to The Star, Petaling District Officer, Datuk Johary Anuar, they have submitted an application to the National Security Council (MKN) to end the EMCO in the area earlier as the health screening and vaccination process were completed earlier than expected.


“Most of the residents in the Mentari Court area have been screened and those found positive have been isolated.”

“Even though they have been vaccinated, we hope the people here practice the SOPs set by the government so that we can curb the spread of Covid-19.” he said in the press conference.

Meanwhile, according to Petaling Jaya District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Fakhrudin Abdul Hamid, he explained that a total of 9,504 residents were screened during the 12 days of EMCO.

Fakhrudin said that among the 9,504 residents, 419 were tested positive, while the rest remained negative. He added that 6,178 residents were given at least 1 dose of Covid-19 vaccine during the 12 days of EMCO too.

Source: NST

He mentioned that residents under 18 year-old who had allergies to medicine and are suffering from serious illnesses were not vaccinated in accordance to the guidelines for the vaccination.

At the same time, Petaling District Medical Officer, Dr R Sudeash said that the Covid-19 patients at level 3 and 4 were transferred to hospitals for further treatment, while the level 1 and 2 patients were allowed to be quarantined at home.

From the assessment conducted by the Covid-19 Assessment Center (CAC), 68 of the residents who are in severe condition were sent to the hospital for further treatment.

Watch the press conference from Johary Anuar here:

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