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Netizen turns GrabFood Bags into School Bags to be Donated to Orphanages

Social NewsNetizen turns GrabFood Bags into School Bags to be Donated to Orphanages

This fashion designer from Sarawak, Neng Kho Razali has shown Malaysians her creativity in turning old GrabFood delivery bags into fashionable Grab school bags, pencil cases and many more different products!

According to Grab Malaysia, GrabFood delivery riders are required to replace their delivery bags every 9 months. Given the number of riders out there, this would have cause a serious wastage if these bags were left in the dumping grounds.

Hence, instead of throwing these delivery bags, they had teamed up with Neng to come up with a brilliant idea to upcycle them into merchandise that is donated to those in need.

The initiative started back in December 2020, Grab Malaysia finds their used bags difficult and expensive to recycle. Grab Malaysia then worked with Suri Lifestyle and Neng to create these merchandises.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Every month, Grab Malaysia these used bags to Neng and she will start by sanitising each of them. They will then rip them up and separate them into usable and worn-out piles.

These parts will then be soaked, washed and dried. Once fully dried, Neng will process these items by cutting, sewing, and putting them together to make different products.

Neng said that processing these items were not an easy task too, as these bags sometimes comes in unusable conditions, while others require extra effort to clean or to remove the sticks on it.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

In a statement by Grab Malaysia, they said that they have through this initiative converted over 200 old GrabFood bags into 400 different items.

Unfortunately, these merchandises are not for sale. They have committed to donate them to the Yayasan Anak Yatim and Tadika Istika Jaya orphanages, as well as SK Long Pelutan school and Grab drivers.

“Before this, this bag served the people in the city. I thought why don’t I take this opportunity to produce something that benefits those who need it? What items do they really need right now? There are some school students who cannot afford to buy school bags. Some of them share or exchange bags when going to school.”

“So from there came the idea to produce school bags for the less fortunate.” Neng said in an interview with TVS.

What do you think about this initiative? Share your thoughts!

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