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Netizen being chased by a Baby Wild Boar, decides to adopt it later

Source: Facebook

While most would run when they are being chased by an animal, this netizen finds himself in a difficult situation when he was being chased by a baby wild boar.

The netizen, named Chown recorded the entire incident and shared how he was being ‘attacked’ by the cute little boar. Chown had parked his motorcycle at the side of the road when he saw something was chasing after him.

He was surprised that the little boar was not afraid of him, given that the noise of the engine will normally scared away little animals. The little boar then continue to reach out to him and inspected his motorcycle.

Source: Facebook

At the same time, he tried to shoo the little boar away so that it would go back to its mother. Nonetheless, the little boar did not turn away and Chown had continue his journey.

Unexpectedly, the little boar did not gave up and chased after his motorcycle for quite a distance. Finally, Chown gave in to his cuteness and efforts and decide to adopts him as his pet.

Although Chown is a Muslim, he was touched by the cuteness of this little creature. He even changed his profile picture and tell everyone that he has adopted the little boar. In the Facebook post, he said that he hopes that this cute little boar will grow up healthily too.

The new pet was given a name called “Pipi” too!

Source: Facebook

In the comment section, netizens said that they were touched by Chown’s kindness towards animals and said that it was their fate to be together. They were curious of what Chown feed it too, where Chown replied that he fed Pipi rice.

Source: Facebook

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