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Is Malaysia a failed state? Minister from the PMO says NO!

NewsIs Malaysia a failed state? Minister from the PMO says NO!

Malaysians had gone through so much in the past 1 year, especially so when the Covid-19 crisis started in Malaysia. Malaysians had been facing the continuous rounds of Movement Control Orders (MCO) for more than a year and are suffering from the government’s failure to find a balance between the economic activities and social lives.

Nonetheless, based on these factors, Bloomberg had recently branded Malaysia as a failed state. Bloomberg said that the white flag campaign represents the disappointment Malaysians have towards the government, as well as a plea for assistance.

In addition, Bloomberg reported Malaysians are “People have no hope, and not much desire, to overthrow the government, and it isn’t clear these days that there’s one to topple.”

Obviously, this claim is something that Malaysian politicians find it hard to agree with.

According to Malay Mail, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof said that Malaysia is far from being a failed state.

“There is still law and order, the government and its delivery systems are functioning, there is no sign that the system is breaking down.”

“Yes, there are challenges because of Covid-19, there are some restrictions on movements, but society is still functioning.” he said.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

He added that the Perikatan National (PN) government is also open to criticism from the public. However, he claimed that Bloomberg is being unfair for selecting only certain information to judge the country itself.

“Throughout the country, a lot of resources are being disbursed, certain economic sectors continue to operate. People are free to go out to get essentials, go to the bank and so on.”

“There is no clampdown on criticism of the government. People are not denied their right to lodge police reports against anyone, including government leaders.”

“This won’t happen in a failed state or in a country headed that way.” he added.

Apart from Mohd Redzuan, his colleague from the Prime Minister’s Department (Economic Affairs), Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed also refuted the claims against Malaysia being a failed state.

He said that Malaysia, unlike Somalia, Myanmar and some countries in Latin America is far from being a failed state. Mustapa added that the civil service are still functioning and how the PN government is open to constructive criticism and feedback.

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