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Annuar Musa fined RM2,000 after he Tweets about visiting Badawi’s House for Lunch

NewsAnnuar Musa fined RM2,000 after he Tweets about visiting Badawi’s House for...

The Federal Territories Minister, Tan Sri Annuar Musa has been issued a fine of RM2,000 for violating the Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP) during the Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan.

According to Sinar Harian, Dang Wangi District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Zainal Abdullah confirms his violation and the compound was issued in accordance with Regulation 17 of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Regulations 2021.

Source: The Star

In addition, the minister’s office had issued a statement confirming that Annuar Musa has received the compound notice from the police.

This comes after Annuar Musa tweeted about his visit to the former prime minister Tun Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi at his residence in Bait Badawi, Kuala Lumpur on last Saturday (10 July).

In his tweet, he said that both he and his wife had spend 2 hours at Badawi’s residence and had lunch cooked by Badawi’s wife, Tun Jeanne Abdullah.

Source: Twitter

After netizens found out about this, they went outraged over his tweet and accused him of violating the SOPs of Phase 1. Nonetheless, Annuar Musa had since then deleted the tweet but it was too late as netizens had taken photos of it.

Netizens commented that how can a minister forgets about the SOP and said that if it were the members of the public who pay a visit to their parents, they would be called to turn back immediately.

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