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M’sians are Embarrassing Azmin Ali on the Austrian Minister’s FB to “warn” her about him

Social NewsM'sians are Embarrassing Azmin Ali on the Austrian Minister’s FB to "warn"...

Malaysian’s frustrations on the current political environment are real and while the political leaders are ignoring them, Malaysians are going all out to warn people to not trust these people for whatever deal they’ve promised.

Recently, the Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali went on a business trip to Austria to explore growth areas for bilateral trade and investments.

This initiative was well received by the Austrian counterpart, being the Austrian Digital and Economic Affairs Minister, Margarete Schramböck. She then took to Facebook to share photos of Azmin’s visit and unexpectedly, Malaysians flooded her post with their thoughts on Azmin.

Source: Facebook

Despite Azmin having the comments section of his Facebook and Twitter turned off, Malaysians had redirected their ‘attack’ on Margarete’s post to expose Azmin’s doings.

While the Austrian Minister had not reply to these comments, she must be puzzled on how did her comment section turned in a platform for Malaysians to release their frustrations on Azmin Ali.

The post garnered over 12,000 comments, 9,200 likes and 4,600 shares at the time of writing. Malaysians commented mainly in English and Bahasa Malaysia, hence, it wasn’t sure if Margarete were able to understand the Malaysian’s comments.

Netizens in the comment section wrote “Madam, he is the worst minister in Malaysia. Hope you can give a lesson how to manage a country also. Or you can take him forever to you country.”

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Malaysians hated him so much that they wanted to throw him into a volcano.

Source: Facebook

Malaysians also thinks that he is directly responsible for the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia, as he had been issuing the MITI letter to almost every business and deem them to be essential service.

Source: Facebook

One even warned the Austrian Minister to not waste her time to negotiate with this incompetent minister and said that he was the reason why companies in Malaysia are going bankrupt. He added that Malaysians are working their way to get rid of him too.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, Malaysia had just gotten famous again for the wrong reasons. However, this may not happen if Azmin did not restrict comments on his social media?

What do you think of this? Do you agree with the comments from fellow Malaysians? Share your thoughts!

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