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[Must Know] Know your Rights during the Covid-19 Vaccination

Lifestyle Know your Rights during the Covid-19 Vaccination

A man in Klang was recently given the “empty syringe” during his Covid-19 vaccination at the Banting Hospital. The incident took over the Internet and had instilled fear in the public as they worried they might be the next victim of the “empty syringe” too.

To prevent this from happening again, “Klinik Mayfair Puchong” had took it to Facebook to share the important points that you should take not during your vaccination. In fact, these are your rights as a vaccine recipient and it is stipulated by KKM too.

Source: Malay Mail

Here’s the 6 important things you should take note:

  1. Ensure that the vaccinator present the pre-filled syringes to the vaccine recipient prior to the injection.
  2. Vaccinator administers the vaccine by intramuscular injection at an angle of 90 degrees.
  3. After the injection, ensure the vaccinator presents the empty syringe to confirm that the entire dose had been injected.
  4. Ensure the vaccinator utilizes the vaccine immediately after opening the vial.
  5. Ensure the vaccinator replaces gloves in between vaccinating each vaccinee, if they are using gloves.
  6. Ensure the vaccinator practices good hand hygiene, if they are not using gloves.
Source: FMT

At the same time, “Klinik Mayfair Puchong” also mention that there 3 types of syringes being used during the vaccination and they are the 1cc, 2cc and 3cc. However, the 1cc/1ml syringe are the most commonly used.

In addition, the vaccine recipients are reminded that for Sinovac and AstraZeneca, the dose given should be 0.5ml, while for Pfizer, the dose should be 0.3ml only.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

In the comment section, “Klinik Mayfair Puchong” also mention that the the doses for the first and second time of the vaccination remained the same at 0.3ml and 0.5ml respectively.

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