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M’sian teacher allegedly Humiliates Student for being Poor

Social NewsM'sian teacher allegedly Humiliates Student for being Poor

The Teaching and Learning at Home (PdPR) programme proves to be a challenge for both teachers and students. To make things worse, the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia seems to be out of control and there were many households that were badly affected by the both the virus and the flip-flopping SOPs.

Recently, a netizen was allegedly being humiliated by his teacher for not using foolscap paper (kertas kajang) to complete his homework. The netizen then took a screenshot of the conversation and brought it to Facebook to condemn his teacher.

The WhatsApp conversation was shared on Oh My Media, a Facebook page, where they captioned “At the end of the day the poor are insulted, the rich are praised.”

Source: Facebook

From the conversation, the student forwarded pictures of his homework to his teacher. However, the reply he got from his teacher was “Do you not have foolscap paper? Do you think this is a kindergarten?”

The poor student replied politely, saying “No, teacher. There are some questions which I do not know how to answer too.”

Nonetheless, the teacher shames him with “Why are your so poor?…”

Triggered by the teacher’s response, the student replied “Teacher, I apologise. Yes, I know I’m poor but can you not insult me in such a manner?”

In the comment section, netizens condemn the teacher for her statement and said that being a teacher, they should always try their best to educate their students, no matter from what background they are from, and not humiliate them.

Later that day, the netizen who shared the WhatsApp conversation took it to Facebook again to share that the incident had been resolved, whereby the said teacher had apologise to her student.

Source: Facebook

In addition, he hope that this incident would not repeat itself in the future, nor will netizens continue to criticize the teacher for her mistake.

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