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Fresh Grad applies for Senior Manager role with CGPA 3.5, Curses when Rejected

Social NewsFresh Grad applies for Senior Manager role with CGPA 3.5, Curses when...

When it comes to searching for a job, it’s best to look for one that is suitable for ourselves. Recently, a WhatsApp conversation had went viral on social media as the fresh graduate seems to be overconfident while applying for a job.

The conversation was posted in the Facebook group, Boom Go Employee, whereby the fresh graduate had applied for a senior manager role in the company. Eventually, the fresh graduate was rejected as he does not meet the company’s criteria.

The fresh graduate applied for a job that required 8 years of relevant experience in the field!

Source: Facebook

From the conversation, the employer can be seen replying the applicant politely that he will not be offered the Senior Marketing Manager role due to the lack of working experience.

The applicant the responded out of curiosity with a “Y?”, where the employer said that they are looking for someone with at least 8 years of experience instead of a fresh graduate.

“My CGPA 3.5” the applicant replied.

The employer apologised with a smiley despite the applicant flexing his CGPA. Nonetheless, the applicant ended the conversation rudely with a “Sohai” which translates into “Stupid”.

The absurd conversation had went viral on Facebook and had garnered over 4,900 likes, 1,800 comments and 5,000 shares at the time of writing.

In the comment section, netizens called out to the applicant for his “entitled” attitude and said that his 3.5 CGPA doesn’t mean anything. There were some who said that he was courageous for applying a senior manager role when he is only a fresh graduate.

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