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When Baking Went Wrong

People staying at home during the MCO are cooking far more than they used to.

A Malaysian shared her hilarious, and maybe slightly offensive, baking fail on popular Facebook group ‘Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ini’.

On the page that celebrates people’s failures in the kitchen, Facebook user Qaseh Lieysa uploaded photos for others to appreciate what happened to her most recent concoction.

“You guys don’t misunderstand okay,” she wrote while laughing.

She really did not mean for the sausages to fall that way

Apparently, the woman had tried to make ‘Sausage and Cheese Sleeping Bear Buns’.

They are supposed to be cute teddy bear-shaped buns, with a bolster and blanket sitting on their bellies, as shown by this netizen:

Unfortunately, Qaseh’s did not work out the way she thought it would

“The dough rose while they were baking in the oven and their blankets fell down,” she said.

However, thankfully, she saw the funny side of it and salvaged the buns by piping on adorable sleeping faces anyway.


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