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Vaccination at Selangor PPV stopped after Woman reported that her Mother was Tested Positive

Social NewsVaccination at Selangor PPV stopped after Woman reported that her Mother was...

On Wednesday (7 July), the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) was suspended several hours after a woman suddenly informed the health officer that her mother, who she brought for the vaccination appointment was tested positive for Covid-19.

The health officer then immediately isolated the woman and her mother and requested the fire brigade to sanitize the entire PPV. It took them 30 minutes before the vaccination can be resumed.

Nonetheless, a volunteer doctor at the PPV took it to his Instagram Stories to condemn the woman for knowing her mother was tested positive, but still turn up for the appointment and risk spreading the virus.

“Apparently, daughter and mum went for PCR tests yesterday (6 July) and it came back COVID-19 positive. She didn’t inform her mother because she felt like there are many medical professionals here that she can consult.” he said.

Source: Facebook

In addition, he also questioned why didn’t the clinic who conducted the test report to the health officers after the report was out. Additionally, why did she not cancel her mother’s vaccination appointment.

“She brought her mum here on Grab. Pity the driver. The lobby registration with thousands of people, came up here to the waiting area, and then suddenly thought of notifying an usher that her mom is COVID-19 positive.” he added.

The volunteer doctor then said it was these selfish individuals who has caused the Phase 1 (previously known as MCO) to be prolonged.

“You should be penalised for your actions! Thousands of people are not getting vaccinated now. Thousands of people are at risk. And this is how a cluster begins.” he wrote.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, the MIECC did suspend its operations for a few hours due to an incident, as reported by NST.

However, it was reported that the woman got to know the results of the Covid-19 test of her mother only when she arrive at the centre.

“She was already at the PPV when a staff at the medical centre where she had undergone COVID-19 screening contacted her,” they said in a statement, at the same time denying that she was wearing a pink wristband.

“The PPV management took immediate action to isolate the woman and sanitisation was conducted by the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba).” they said.

The CITF also said that the operations at the PPV was resumed soon after the sanitisation was completed.

In the statement, CITF once again reminded all vaccine recipients who had receive their appointment dates but are waiting for their Covid-19 test to reschedule their vaccination appointment.

They assured the public that they will receive a new appointment date if they have been postponed.

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