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Elderly Man wears a Giant Plastic Bag for His Vaccination and buys the Health Officers Lunch!

Social NewsElderly Man wears a Giant Plastic Bag for His Vaccination and buys...

Appearance can be deceiving. Recently, an elderly uncle caught the attention of the public as he arrive at the vaccination centre with a giant plastic bag wrapped around his neck.

Yesterday (8 Jul), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) took to their Facebook to share how the elderly man show up with his peculiar protection gear. Nonetheless, he did not forget to put on his mask and to give himself extra protection, he wore a huge plastic bag over his head which caught their attention.

USM in the Facebook post wrote “Appreciate good people, they are hard to come by. This uncle came for his vaccination at USM PPV today, looking a little bizarre. He arrived by taxi. He sure did attract the crowd and we could hear whispers and sarcastic laughs from the public.”

Source: Facebook

Despite his giant plastic bag, the elderly man managed to register himself for the vaccination and get the jab. Though leaving those watching him shocked as they watch him leave.

“Just before leaving, he took a fragile walk to the secretariat, and what he did there was a bit of a shocker. ‘The frontliners have been working very hard. Please buy them lunch,’ he said and handed over quite a large amount of cash. He then left and could be seen easing himself into the same taxi that brought him there.”

“He stunned us with his generosity and humanity. Dear uncle, God bless. Let us give him some love.” they said.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, the health officers on duty did offer him a face shield and advise him to remove the plastic bag to prevent him from suffocation. However, the elderly man refused it and he was confident that this is his ultimate protection.

Who would have expect this. This is why we should not judge anyone based on their appearance. Everybody is free to dress up to their likes, as long as they are genuinely good people.

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